Full Body Massage


 AROMATHERAPY SALON PAN has few kinds of oil massage


with organic essential oil.


Aroma body massage is relaxation massage.


with long stroke and deep tissue.




Aroma body massage 60min/90min/120min


 ¥13,000 / ¥15,000 / ¥18,000


Hot stone therapy   90min









Body & Legs for men    90min


Body massage (30min) or (60min)/ Legs massage (30min) or (60min)




Body & Facial for men 90min            


Body massage (30min) or (60min) / Facial (30min) or (60min)











Body and Facial massage 120min




Body massage 60min and facial 60min in one.




Body and Facial treatment 150min




Body massage 60min and facial 90min in one.






Original Menu


Energizing Body Massage



 Wrapped in the scent of Japanese citrus and herbs flavor during the massage.

You will be able to get rid of tiredness in your body and experience the ultimate relaxation.


Before the body treatment, I use herb balls for warm up your entire body.

Also, you can take the hand cream of Japanese citrus fragrance home after finished the massage.

I highly recommend this original menu.


                                               60min   ¥15,000

                                              90min  ¥17,000

                                               120min   ¥20,000

                                               150min   ¥22,000

                                            (include mini facial)  




I use ''SOTHYS'' cosmetics from France.


This introductory facial suited for all skin types is designed to maintain a healthy, clear complexion. A customized selection of Sothys products addresses the current needs of your skin. Thorough cleansing followed by the application of an ampoule and treatment mask refresh the skin while a relaxing facial massage helps alleviate stress and provides a sense of wellness.




Basic Facial 60min




Special Facial  90min




Organic Facial 60min



Aging Care Facial 60min



This facial I use stem cell cosmetics of ''LAESSSE''. 

about the therapist

Hello, I'm Shinya

I am Japanese. I speak Japanese and a little English.

I have been an aromatherapist for over 15 years.

I originally worked as a waiter in restaurants and hotels. I thought it was my ideal job, but I gradually lost interest in working as a waiter.

At that time, I often thought about what I would like to do if I got another job. The keywords that came to my mind were "healing" and "fragrance." And after that, I quit the restaurant and went to a school where I could learn medical aromatherapy.

So I have a lot of knowledge about essential oils.


I have worked at a hotel spa, a relaxation salon , and a shop that sells naturopathic products such as medical herbs, essential oils, homeopathy and flower essences.

After that, in November 2011, I opened my own massage salon.


I believe my technique is characterized by a deep relaxing effect, a soothing massage but  firm pressure massage.

I specialize in facial and body massage.

There is a menu called Body & Facial 120 minutes, which I recommend because it can thoroughly care for both the body and face. 

And we also have a large selection of Japanese essential oils. That is difference from other salon.

Yuzu and cypress grown in Kyoto are popular at my salon. In addition, I have shell ginger from Okinawa, hinoki cypress from Aomori, fir trees from Hokkaido, Hosho from Kagoshima (smells like rosewood), and many kinds of mandarin orange essential oils from Ehime.


Currently I studying not only aromatherapy but also oriental medicine.

 I make my own tea which is based on the concept of oriental medicine.

From 2020, I also provide massage technique guidance to those who aim to become male therapists.


This is a small massage salon that can only accept one person at a time but you can spend your private time slowly here without being disturbed by anyone.

And I hope that this place will be able to heal the fatigue of your trip.